Multifamily Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

Multifamily Tax-Exempt Bond Financing

State and local governments sell tax-exempt Housing Bonds, commonly known as Multifamily Housing Bonds, and use the money to finance construction of apartments that are affordable to lower income families. SC Housing's Multifamily Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Program provides permanent real estate financing for property being developed for multifamily rental use. Development teams should have sufficient experience in multifamily rental housing designed for use by low to moderate income tenants to assure the successful completion and operation of the development.

For information regarding the 2024 Anticipated Tax-Exempt Bond Program Schedule click here.  

2023 QAP
2023 QAP-Certification of Approval
2023 Appendix A-Market Study Criteria
2023 Appendix B-Development Design Criteria
2023 Appendix C1-9% LIHTC
2023 Appendix C2-Tax-Exempt Bonds
2023 Appendix C3-State LIHTC
2023 Appendix E-Tax Credit Manual
2023 Fee Schedule
2023 TEB Schedule - Revised 6/11/2024
2023 Construction Inspection Schedule
Approved Appraiser List - Revised 2/12/2024
Approved Market Study Provider List - Revised 2/12/2024
2023 TEB Application List - 1/3/2024
2023 TEB Preliminary Application Ranking
2023 TEB Final Application Ranking

TEB Bulletin #1 - 10/25/2023
TEB Bulletin #2 - 11/3/2023
TEB Bulletin #3 - 12/12/2023
TEB Bulletin #4 - 12/18/2023

2023 TEB Application
2023 TEB Application Checklist
Acknowledgement and Agreements
Bond Counsel Designation Request
Investment Banker Designation Request
Bond Program Disclaimer
Exhibit G Architect and or Professional Engineer Certification
Exhibit K Previous Participation Certificate
Exhibit P Identity of Interest
Exhibit R Physical Needs Assessment Certification
Exhibit S-2 Primary Market Area Analysis Summary
Exhibit W Identification of Wetlands Certification
Exhibit Y Management Experience Certification
Exhibit Z Sustainable Building Certification
Form 3 Developer Relocation Certification & Tenant Profile
Form LLC
Form LP
Exhibit AA Qualified Accessibility Consultant Requirements
Disabilities and Affirmative Fair Housing Statement
City-County-Legislative Notification (WORD)

2023 TEB Application Workshop Presentation
2023 TEB Application Workshop Recording

Form 5 Construction Inspection Request-25-75% - Revised 4/10/2024
Form 6 Construction Inspection Request-100% - Revised 4/10/2024
Bulletin #1 - 1/11/2021
Bulletin #2 - 1/28/2021 effective June 1, 2021 Bulletin #2 is no longer in force
Bulletin #3 - 3/2/2021
Bulletin #4 - 6/1/2021
Bulletin #5 - 9/8/2021

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