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2021 SC Housing Needs Asessment

Since the publication of the previous South Carolina Housing Needs Assessment in 2019, our state has been challenged like never before by the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing that did not change, however, is the reality that the cost of housing is increasing in our state and the amount of money that people earn to pay for housing is not on the same trajectory. Indeed, those in the working class were hit hardest in 2020, as many low-wage service jobs in sectors like hospitality, food service, and personal care were lost due to safety restrictions and reduced demand. The full picture of need is still unclear, but it is substantial.

To help SC Housing implement evidence-based policies to fuel the state’s economic recovery and inform stakeholders about local conditions, we have updated the 2019 report with the most current data available. If you have questions about this report or housing data in general, please submit them via email to

2021 SC Housing Needs Assessment
2021 HNA Appendix (By County)
2021 HNA Appendix (By Congressional District)
2020 S.C. State of Homelessness Report
2019 SC Housing Needs Assessment
2019 HNA Appendix