Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

The Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) is designed to provide for-profit and nonprofit developers with an incentive to create and maintain affordable housing. This is the country’s most extensive affordable housing program. Developments that may qualify for credits include new construction, acquisition with rehabilitation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse. Owners of and investors in qualifying developments can use the credit as a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal income tax liability. Allocations of credits are used to leverage public, private and other funds in order to keep rents to tenants affordable.

SC Housing will hold a virtual 2021 QAP Developer’s Roundtable Discussion on Wednesday, September 30th at 10:00 a.m. (ET).

Go to: schousing.webex.com
Enter meeting ID: 132 446 6678
Enter password: Fg!Pc!Qm!98!

The purpose of this event is to engage in a productive discussion of processes, the QAP, and other polices. While any topic or issue is welcome, the following are of particular interest:

  • Implementing the state tax credit (e.g., pricing)
  • Parameters for allowing average income
  • Design criteria (new construction and rehabilitation)
  • Application submission requirements and timing
  • Development cost limits and underwriting
Participants may submit other topics for consideration by 5:00 p.m. (ET) Monday, September 28th via email to TaxCreditQuestions@schousing.com.

This virtual conference will be recorded. Please click here for the NOTICE OF RECORDING AND INDIVIDUAL RELEASE.

Please submit your questions regarding Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) via email to: taxcreditquestions@schousing.com.

2020 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)
2020 Tax Credit Schedule - Updated 3/18/2020
2020 Tax Credit Application
2020 Tax Credit Applications List - 6/16/2020
2020 Tax Credit Preliminary Point Scores - 9/15/2020

Bulletin #1 - 1/28/2020
Bulletin #2 - 1/30/2020
Bulletin #3 - 2/28/2020
Bulletin #4 - 2/28/2020
Bulletin #4 QAP Appendix B - 2/28/2020
Bulletin #5 - 3/25/2020
Bulletin #6 - 4/27/2020
Bulletin #7 - 5/8/2020
Bulletin #8 - 5/20/2020
Bulletin #9 - 5/29/2020
Bulletin #10 - 6/5/2020
Bulletin #11 - 6/5/2020
Bulletin #12 - 6/10/2020
QAP Comments
Approved Market Analyst List

Exhibit A Application Checklist
Exhibit B Completion Status
Exhibit C New Construction Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit C New Construction Attorney Opinion Letter (WORD)
Exhibit D Rehab Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit D Rehab Attorney Opinion Letter (WORD)
Exhibit E Nonprofit Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit E Nonprofit Attorney Opinion Letter (WORD)
Exhibit G Architect or Professional Engineer Certification
Exhibit K Previous Participation
Exhibit K-1 Previous Development Syndication Compliance Certificate
Exhibit O Allocation and IOI Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit O Allocation and IOI Attorney Opinion Letter (WORD)
Exhibit P Identity of Interest
Exhibit R Physical Needs Assessment
Exhibit S-2 2019 Primary Market Area Analysis Summary
Exhibit S-2 2020 Rent Calculation Worksheet-Market Study
Exhibit W Identification of Wetlands Certification
Exhibit X Developer Certification
Exhibit Y Management Experience Certification
Exhibit Z Sustainable Building Certification
Exhibit AA Accessibility Consultant Qualifications Statement
Exhibit BB Accessibility Consultant Qualifications Package Checklist
Exhibit CC Certification of Minimum Scope and Reporting Standards
Exhibit DD Final Accessibility Inspection Checklist
Exhibit DD-2 Final Accessibility Inspection Checklist Form
Exhibit EE Consultant Accessibility Certification Form
Exhibit FF Owner Accessibility Certifcation
Form LLC
Form LP
Form 1 Project Rejection Form
Form 3 Developer Relocation Certification & Tenant Profile

HOME/Tax Credit Application
HOME/TC Exhibit 1 Checklist
HOME/TC Exhibit 4 Site and Neighborhood Standards
HOME/TC Exhibit 4 Site and Neighborhood Standards (WORD)
HOME/TC Form M-7B Lead-Safe Housing Rule Applicability Form
HOME/TC Form M-8 Identity of Interest
HOME/TC Form M-8A Request for Identity of Interest
HOME/TC Form M-9 Debarment Certification
HOME/TC Form M-40 Site and Neighborhood Standards Certification
HOME/TC Form M-47T Tax Credit Eligibility Certification
HOME/TC Form M-52 Notice to Seller
HOME/TC Form M-53 Fair Housing ‐ Developer Certification
Year 15 Current Properties
Program Information 2019 - 2011
LIHTC Market Studies
State Tax Credits

Please email questions regarding the Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) to taxcreditquestions@schousing.com.