Solicitations & Awards

Solicitations & Awards

All procurements performed by the Procurement Department are subject to the general provisions of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.

Mission Statement

Customer Service is our first priority. Our goal is to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with SC Housing's departments, vendors and state procurement. This department strives to ensure all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner. We abide by the procurement laws and regulations set forth by the State of South Carolina and SC Housing's policies and procedures, thereby resulting in the most efficient, economical and responsible purchases. We offer all businesses an opportunity to compete on an equal basis.

Doing Business with SC Housing

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Awarded Solicitations


SC Housing procures an array of equipment, goods and services. Commodities include, but are not limited to, wireless communication devices, information technology software and hardware, office supplies, furniture, vehicles, air travel, promotional items, printing and professional services.