Privacy Policy.


In general, South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (hereinafter SC Housing) policies governing the collection and dissemination of personally identifiable information (PII) follow the same rules that would apply to an in-person visit to a government office and are governed by the same state and federal laws that cover such visits.


The purpose of the statement is to inform users of this website with regard to the collection and use of personally identifiable information. Nothing herein should be construed to, nor does it create, any new or different rights than those available under existing State and federal laws.

Publisher’s Rights

Although the website is intended for public use, the SC Housing does not intend to give up any of its rights or anyone else's rights, to the information, materials, graphics, or logos appearing on the website. Materials published on the website are protected by copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property laws. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any material from the website including code and software. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials found on the website should be sent to: Marketing Department, 300-C Outlet Pointe Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29210 or send email to

Personally Identifiable Information

Unless you choose to make your personally identifiable information available to us, SC Housing does not collect such information from you. Your choice to not provide any personal information will not impair your ability to browse this website and read or download any information provided on the website.

If you choose to provide SC Housing with personal information - as in an email, or by filling out a form with your personal information and submitting it through the website - SC Housing will use that information to respond to your message and to attempt to provide the resolution you have requested.

SC Housing may share your complaint:

  • with a variety of federal or state government agencies, departments, offices or entities that enforce consumer protection and other laws.
  • with certain private entities, including companies that you have complained about, to help address your complaint.

SC Housing does not create any individual profiles with the information you provide, or give it to any private organizations. SC Housing does not collect information for commercial marketing. This information is not shared, sold or otherwise disseminated by SC Housing.

The Family Privacy Protection Act of 2002 prohibits persons or private entities from using any PII obtained from the SC Housing website for commercial solicitation purposes. A person who knowingly violates this prohibition is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties specified in S.C. Code §30-2-50.

You may choose to provide personally identifiable information to SC Housing online. Note, email is not a secure mode of communication. Personally identifying information should not be transmitted through email.

PII is information about a natural person that is readily identifiable to that specific individual. SC Housing considers any information that could reasonably be used to identify you as personally identifiable information. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • your name;
  • your address;
  • your email address;
  • your social security number;
  • your password;
  • bank account information;
  • credit card information;
  • employment history, including disciplinary action(s);
  • criminal history;
  • financial history;
  • license or identification number;
  • telephone number;
  • medical or disability information;
  • any combination of data, such as birth date, zip code and gender, that could be used to identify you;
  • any graphical or visual representation of you.

If personally identifiable information is requested on the website, or volunteered by the user, the Privacy Act of 1974 and other state and federal law may protect it. However, this information is a public record once you provide it, and may be subject to public inspection, distribution and copying if not protected by federal or state law.

Data Security and Quality

SC Housing is committed to data security and the data quality of personally identifiable information that is either available from, or collected by the website, and has taken precautions to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or alteration. Any third parties responsible for this information are committed to the same principles, and also are required by contract to follow the same policies and guidelines in protecting this information. Unless otherwise prohibited by state or federal law, rule or regulation, individuals will be given the ability to access and correct PII maintained by SC Housing that may be in error.

Limiting Access to Personally Identifiable Information

SC Housing has taken steps to limit access to personally identifiable information to staff who require access in order to perform their assigned duties. Only department employees with a need to know will have access to your PII. SC Housing has notified and instructed its staff, in writing, on their responsibilities concerning the protection of personally identifiable information.

Use of Cookies

SC Housing's web applications may create "cookies" to hold user information. These "cookies" are then sent to, and stored on, the user's computer. This information is handled in the same way as other personally identifiable information obtained by SC Housing. No user information will be gathered through the use of "cookies" except that which is required to run the specific application(s) being accessed by the user.

Use of Constituent Email Addresses

Email addresses obtained as a result of requests to SC Housing's website will not knowingly be sold or given to any organization for marketing purposes. The information collected is subject to the access and confidentiality provisions of the State's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other applicable sections of the South Carolina Code of Laws and/or federal law. Email or other information requests sent to the SC Housing website may be maintained in order to: respond to the request, forward that request to the appropriate department or agency, communicate updates to the system that may be of interest to citizens, or provide web developers with valuable customer feedback to assist in improving the website.

Disclaimer of Liability

Even with daily monitoring of the website, SC Housing can not guarantee that the website will be error-free. You agree to use the website at your sole risk. You understand that you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from any material and/or data downloaded from or otherwise provided through the website.

Nondiscrimination Policy

SC Housing does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap in admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be made to the Director of Human Resources, 300-C Outlet Pointe Boulevard, Columbia, South Carolina 29210 (803.896.9004).


This User’s Agreement and Terms of Service has been made in, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of South Carolina. By using the website, you consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts in Lexington County, SC, in all disputes arising out of or relating to this agreement on the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority’s website. For questions or comments about the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority’s website, please notify the support staff at

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