Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP)

Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP)

The goal of Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) is to stabilize property values through the removal of blighted properties in strategically targeted areas in an effort to prevent future foreclosures for existing property owners. NIP assists communities by stemming the decline of home values and acting as a catalyst to initiate redevelopment and revitalization in areas suffering from blight and decline. Demolition of blighted properties has a positive effect on preserving existing neighborhoods. NIP is a joint venture of SC Housing and the SC Housing Corp., a not-for-profit corporation. NIP is made possible by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The Neighborhood Initiative Program is no longer accepting Applications.

Questions regarding the Neighborhood Initiative Program can be submitted by email to

Fraud Reporting

Report any credible evidence of fraud, misuse of funds or any other wrong doing to SC Housing or SIGTARP using the contact information below:

Internal Audit Division - SC Housing
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