Program Information 2017 - 2011

2017 LIHTC Awards List
2017 LIHTC Final Point Scores
2017 LIHTC Preliminary Point Scores
2017 LIHTC Applications List - 3/20/2017
Public Notice - Funding outside of Cycle - 1/18/2018
Bulletin #1 - NEW! 1/31/2017
2017-2018 Final QAP
2017-2018 Tax Credit Manual
2017 LIHTC Program Schedule
Tax Credit Application
Exhibit A Application Checklist
Exhibit C New Construct Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit D Rehab Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit E Nonprofit Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit O Allocation and IOI Attorney Opinion Letter
Form 1 Project Rejection Form
Exhibit P IOI
Form LP
Form LLC
Exhibit B Completion Status
Exhibit K Previous Participation
Exhibit K-1 Previous Development Syndication Compliance Certificate
Exhibit G Architect and/or Professional Engineer Certification
Form 2 Site Service Distances
Form 3 Developer Relocation Certification & Tenant Profile
Exhibit U Utility Allowance Schedule
Exhibit R Physical Needs Assessment
HOME/Tax Credit Manual
HOME/Tax Credit Application
Form M-47T Tax Credit Eligibility Certification
Form M-52 Notice to Seller
Exhibit 2 General Information Notice Not Displaced
Exhibit 3 General Information Notice To Be Displaced
Form M-39 Tenant Profile Form
Form M-67 Project Occupancy Report
Form M-40 Site and Neighborhood Standards Certification
Exhibit 4 Site and Neighborhoods Standards
Form M-7B Lead-Safe Housing Rule Applicability Form
Form M-53 Fair Housing ‐ Developer Certification
Exhibit A 10% Expenditure Checklist
Exhibit F 10% Expenditure Attorney Opinion Letter
Exhibit H Certification of 10% Expenditure
Exhibit I CPA Certification of Costs and 10% Expenditure
Exhibit N Gross Rent Floor Designation
Exhibit A Placed in Service Checklist
Exhibit G Placed in Service Architect and/or Professional Engineer Certification
Exhibit J-1 CPA Final Allocation Certification
Exhibits J-2 thru J-4 CPA Final Certification CPA Schedule of Total Development Cost
Exhibit M Certification of Sources and Uses
Form Q Rent Roll Addendum
Exhibit L Progress Report
Annual Operating Expense Certification
File Upload Instructions
Approved Market Analyst List 5-9-2016
Exhibit S 2017 Market Study Guidelines
Exhibit S-2 Market Area Analysis Summary
Exhibit S-2 2017 Rent Calculation Worksheet
2017 QCTs & DDAs
Tax Credit Exchange Program - 9%
Tax Credit Assistance Program