Avoid Foreclosure

If you think that your next mortgage payment may be late, or if you are already behind with your payments, the most important thing you can do to help prevent foreclosure is contact SC Housing immediately.

If you need relief to pay your mortgage, please call us toll free at 800.476.0412, choose Option 6. We want to work with you to explore all options and alternatives to foreclosure. Never assume that your situation is hopeless and disregard letters and calls from SC Housing. Please contact our loss mitigation department, toll free, at 800.476.0412, choose Option 5.

Foreclosure is the last outcome that anyone wants. We need your cooperation to pursue alternatives. Call us today. We are here to help!

Click on the links below for additional foreclosure prevention information.

Request for Loss Mitigation Review
“Behind on Your Mortgage Payments?” Flyer
“¿Está atrasado en sus pagos hipotecarios?" Flyer
“Save Your Home: Tips to Avoid Foreclosure” Brochure
“Salve Su Vivienda Consejos para evitar una Ejecución Hipotecaria”
Help for Homeowners Facing the Loss of Their Home

NeighborWorks Center for Foreclosure Solutions

If you are a homeowner having trouble making your mortgage payments, please call 888.995.HOPE (4673) a free, high-quality foreclosure counseling hotline. 888.995.HOPE is staffed by trained professionals from non-profit organizations who can help with your financial situation. You can call anytime of the day or night, 24/7.

More information is available at 995HOPE.org.