South Carolina Housing Needs Assessment

This initial volume of the South Carolina Housing Needs Assessment presents some hard truths regarding the challenges that citizens and our state as a whole face in the housing market. The reality is that the cost of housing is increasing in our state and the amount of money that people earn to pay for housing is not on the same trajectory. Even at a time where the economy as a whole is performing well, there are an increasing number of individuals and families who are struggling to meet their basic need for shelter.

SC Housing has done the work necessary to quantify the needs of the state, and is using this information to inform policies and programs throughout the agency, including those pertaining to Housing Tax Credits. If you have questions about this report or housing data in general, please contact Dr. Bryan Grady, Chief Research Officer, at

Dr. Bryan Grady, Director of Research for SC Housing, discusses the findings and implications of the 2019 statewide Housing Needs Assessment.

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